Welcome to Tinted Premium Ambassador Program

At TINTED, we're excited to introduce our "Premium Ambassador Program" – an exclusive opportunity for select influencers to build long term partnership with us. As part of the program, Influencers will be eligible to earn Cash earnings, Exclusive Coupons and Free Products every month for as long as Influencers want.

Premium Ambassador Program Benefits

15% Commission

On Every Purchase from Co-Branded Shop

INR 2 per Unique Visitor

You earn INR 2 multiplied by the number of Unique Visitors, every month

INR 200 for Marketing Content

On social media to encourage your Audience to explore Co-Branded Shop

Exclusive 30% Coupon

On any Tinted product. One Coupon every month

Free Product

Monthly Purchases is more than 25 and every 100th purchase

FAQ Dropdown

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have collaborated with us before or would have requested for collaboration or may be willing to explore collaboration. The usual collaboration is a very short relationship. We share a product and may be some cash, you create content and share it with your audience in Social media, And then, the relationship ends. Such short duration partnership neither give us big benefits not gives you big rewards regularly. Premium Ambassador Program is designed to only build a long term (Years and more) between Tinted and Exclusive Chosen Influencers.

So, Premium Ambassador Program is Not One Time Collaboration.

Simply put, Premium Ambassador Program is recurring monthly Collaboration effort with no end date. You have Audience who love you in Social Media. Great. We love you and your audience. And hence, we will now create a unique Co-Branded shop for your Audience. The shop will have tons of benefits for your Audience.

We have partnered with CliptoCart to do an effortless onboarding process for you. As part of the process, you will share some basic details (including bank account details) and configure your co-branded shop with product recommendations from Tinted. All this can be done in 5 minutes time. And whoa, you are ready to put up Co-branded shop link on your social media.

CliptoCart is our official partner which will provide a dashboard for you to track monthly cash earnings and rewards.