Colour is a part of life and when it comes to clothing.

Colour is a part of life and when it comes to clothing, color makes us look more charming, more confident. Color also influences our minds and coordinates with how we are feeling. 😇

According to research, what we wear every day is also a part of our psychology, when we want to wear casual, formal, dresses it all depends on our psychology. 😵

Indeed! Knowing the psychology of colors in apparel can influence how we feel about ourselves about what to wear.🙆♀️

We wear clothes every day but what color we chose consciously or unconsciously is depends on our situation and mood. 😮

According to The Science of People, the following five colors tend to send messages relating to these corresponding qualities:
Blue: Loyalty, Stability, Tranquility😀
Red: Passion, Intensity🤯
Yellow: Happiness, Optimism🤩
Green: Healing, Success, Hope😇
Black: Power, Mysteriousness, Professionalism😎

So what do you think?
And tell us how do you find what colors work for you well?