Fast fashion vs sustainable fashion: finding the right balance

“I have nothing to wear!!”

Ladies and gentlemen, do you also question this in your day-to-day life? Or maybe has been gawking at your wardrobe for a long time and thinking about what should I wear today. well not anymore! In this fashion world, everyone wants to look their best and make an impact on onlookers. Since fashion has differed every few days, it's a hassle to shop for something that goes on every occasion and mood. 

Fast fashion can be popular because of its convenience and cost but at the same time, it can be harmful to our environment. That's when sustainability comes to the rescue. Nowadays the trend has been changing and people are focussing on sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion also known as eco-fashion has been a craze among millennials and Gen z, but it's not that affordable. That's where TINTED comes into the picture. A brand that offers sustainability with affordability.

We know fashion has different meanings for everyone. For Some, it’s something that gives us confidence, for some, it represents style, and for some, it's a whole personality. 

Sometimes people look for unusual and quirky designs, while other want timeless yet classy at the same time. And we have everything right just for you. Designs that will take you from the boardroom meeting to the clubbing and everything in between. 

At TINTED, we have something for both Men and women. Find the perfect fit for yourself and the lots of options to choose from. Whether it's chic dresses, trendy tops, stylish blazers, or appealing co-ords for the ladies or Smart shirts peculiar t-shirts, and up-to-date bottoms for the gentlemen.

Every collection at TINTED is made after the thoughtful process of designing, implementing, and executing to satisfy everyone. All of our products are made up of sustainable fabric which makes them comfortable. It gives us immense pleasure to give our customers what they want.

Let's have a look at our graceful and well-crafted collection in details

Flattering Western dresses for women

A beautiful and versatile dress that just makes you fall in love with it in an instant. At TINTED find your perfect one that hugs your curves perfectly. Something so colorful, bright, and gorgeous that makes you feel like you are carrying your spring with you. It’s so perfect that it suits you for your brunch date with your girl gang and is made up of 100% cotton thus providing the utmost comfort.

Sophisticated blazers for women

A blazer is something that depicts confidence whenever it is worn, it just helps in spreading your charm and makes people feel intimated just by your presence. At TINTED we have blazers for women that scream class at your every step. Something so gorgeous that will make you look professional, stylish, and fashionable at the same time,

Ribbed vest top

Are you a fashion enthusiast as well? But sometimes you are just so bored with experimenting with your look and style and wanna take a break. then What can be more intriguing than a crop top and a classy pair of pants? Something that makes you look feminine, classy, and confident at the same time.

Simplistic t-shirts for women

Wants to achieve a simplistic look that looks effortless, simple, and classy at the same time; what’s a better option than a plain t-shirt? You can never go wrong with a t-shirt when you are confused about your OOTD.

Fashionable bottom wear for women

For bottom wear right now trousers are something that is in trend among women for quite some time and I am sure will be like this for many more years so you can never go wrong with a choice of trousers if you are looking for revamping your closet. It just adds class and style to your whole wardrobe.

Fashionable printed shirts for men

If you wanna ask me at this time what outfit is the most stylish and trendy for men then I would without hesitation answer Printed shirts!. Printed shirts on men look very classy and effortless at the same time, Plus they give good vibes as well. Men love shirts because they make them feel confident about their appearance, and currently, printed shirts are not only confined for vacations, but also for everyday use.

Endless classic shirts for men

When you're unsure of what to wear, a plain shirt is the smartest option for men. A classic white or neutral color shirt is the best option that helps you to look stylish whether you are going to a meeting or a date. No one can go wrong with it and it will never go out of style.

Smart and stylish t-shirts for men

 If you ask me what's the most affordable and classy option between that teenager and early 20s men then I will answer with a t-shirt. At TINTED we have various styles, designs, and colors for men to choose from. They are up to trend and are made up of cotton which gives immense comfort to everyone.