Tips to select the best polo shirt and how to style it

The origination of polo shirts date back to the 19th and the 20th century and was associated with the game of tennis. Polo shirts are also known as Tennis shirts or golf shirts. The tennis attire previously was quite uncomfortable to play on with and its modification led to the creation of polo shorts. A polo t-shirt is amongst the most adaptable pieces of clothing a man can own. 

Polo shirts look like a formal shirt but with a half sleeve and knitted fabric unlike the formal shirts which are generally woven and have two or three buttons below the collar. The fabrics of polo shirts are a mixture of synthetic fibers and natural fibers to give it a stretchy hint. Polo T-shirts are a very bold and statement choice for one to have.

Polo Shirts are a revolution to the clothing industry and have widened the options of styling and dressing for both men and women. What else do you require when you can combine ease, style, and a bit of formality in one look?

How to select the best Polo Shirt -

Fitting and Size - Often people make mistakes when going for a polo shirt and not buying their correct size. Perfectly fit or correct size clothing can make you look far more perfect than a bigger or smaller fir. It enhances your personality in many ways and looks decent and stylish at the same time. Whenever you spend any amount on a polo t-shirt, be sure it has the right size and fits properly. Choose the correct fit and make a statement with your ensemble from, the best online shopping for men

Fabric - To find comfort, you must invest in a cotton, breathable and wrinkle resistant fabric. It must be durable and weather friendly, as many even branded polo t-shirts lack quality and restrict movement. Get the best Polo t-shirt online at

Suitable length, cut and Colour - A lot of people did not choose correct clothing and end up making themselves look disastrous. Proper length, colour and the cut of your polo t-shirt can make you look elegant, attractive and formal. The cut or the shape of your clothing enhances your body and makes it look bold. Go for polos that do not exceed the length of your trouser’s back pockets. Find your the best colour Polo Shirts here at     

Brand is Important - Choosing the correct brand can be sometimes difficult, many brands have similar collections and due to emergence of various new businesses, it makes it more difficult to find the best that suits your style and at the same time does not burden your pocket. has one of the best collections of Polo T-shirts online to fit into your wardrobe and match your vibe in a very affordable price range.

How to style your Polo Shirt

Polo T-shirts are very minimalistic and are not just limited to casual dressing, it adds a great deal of smartness to the overall look. If matched and paired with suitable pants and blazers, it can be worn formally as well. 

Style your Polo t-shirt with a blazer - 

For formal events you need a formal look and pairing your polo shirt with a blazer is the best option to have that comfort maintained. Mix neutral and formal shades to  create your formal look, experiment colourful shades with black and white suits. Get the best polo t-shirt online at

Chinos and polo shirts -

Polo T-shirt

Chinos are a terrific way to cap off an outfit when paired with a polo shirt. Tuck your shirt and see how it changes your overall look in just one step, also to compliment the look wear sneakers of formal shade mainly white or black. Buy the best polo t-shirt online -   

Polo t-shirt and sweatpants -

The sweatpants are so casual and easy going clothes that they match with every t-shirt to give you a comfortable look and casual vibe. Make sure whenever you wear a polo shirt with sweatpants they must be of the correct size and fit. Polo shirts are not like t-shirts, they must be bought in perfect size and fit. 

Shorts with Polo t-shirts  -

Mens Polo T-shirt

Shorts with untucked polo t-shirts are a fabulous way of styling your outfit providing a casual look to all your events whether it's a get together with your friends or meeting someone informally.

Polo t-shirts have changed the definition of clothing and gives a versatile look to the person wearing it. We at TINTED bring the best online shopping for men including a wide range of Cotton best Polo t-shirts online in all shades, sizes, lengths and fits. Our Polo T-shirts made of cotton are a terrific supplement to any collection. The polo collar and short sleeves give you a sleek design, while the soft cotton fabric maintains your comfort. Grab the offer to get 10% off on a purchase of 3, [USE CODE - BUY3] and 15% off on a purchase of 5 [USE CODE - BUY5].