Tips to style different types of T-shirts For Men

The fashion industry changes from time to time, but one type of clothing that will always be in vogue and be worn by everyone, even celebrities, is the T-shirt.

A T-shirt is versatile and can be worn for any occasion.

History about T-shirts

T-shirts were wearable garments without buttons, and the earliest T-shirts date back to sometime between the Spanish-American War of 1898.

Types of T-shirts and Tips to style them.

A t-shirt may seem basic but if styled correctly, they can be transformed into a completely different look.

Here are some Best Men’s T-shirts that one must have in their wardrobe.

Pop Knit T-shirt:

This t-shirt is crafted with pop knit textures and colorful neckband wardrobe essential piece that you can't miss out. Pair with your favorite jeans to achieve a casual look.

Over sized T-Shirts:

Every man's closet should contain an oversized T-shirt.

They are basic yet so cool to wear either by pairing them with a checked shirt or wearing them in winter with half sleeves sweater.

The best is to pair it up with a denim jacket and plain pants and they look so cool


Basic T-shirt:

You can count on a basic T-shirt to save you anytime, anywhere.

Adding a coloured tee to your look can do wonders when you are going simple. 

T-shirts are easy to wear all year round. You can wear cool shades during winter, while lightweight fabric makes the T-shirts very comfortable during summer.


T-shirts come with a variety of patterns for the neckline as well as colors which look great when styled correctly.

V neck T-shirt:

A simple  v-neck t-shirt as the name suggest is a t-shirt which does not have the monotonous round neck but has a v neck. It is perfect for men who wish to flaunt their physique.

One can style V neck shirt under blazers which look really cool. The other way is to pair and layer it with a shirt and keep the shirt unbuttoned. 

Crew Neck Tee:

The one T-shirt that every men must have in their wardrobe is a crew neck T-shirt and if possible a black one. 

A black Crew neck t-shirt can be paired with anything and it never goes boring. 

You can pair it with a white shirt, pair it down with blue denim or even layer it with a blazer. It something that will always make you look stylish and would turn around the passerby eyes. 

 The Henley Y-neck Full sleeve T-shirt:

Usually Henley Y-neck full sleeve T-shirts don’t need anything more to add in. They alone stand out and look amazing if you just pair it with denims

However, one can simply use Henley during winters and pair them under Hoodie or Buttoned up Shirts as well. 


Polo T-shirt:

There is nothing more classic in men's fashion than the polo T-Shirt. However, it also has a negative connotation attached to it. People often associate it with a uniform or a delivery boy's style.

In spite of this, polo t-shirts have their own charm and can be one of the best pieces a man could have in his wardrobe.

Polo t-shirts are best for picnics paired with shorts. Also, the simple combination of chinos and loafers with a polo t-shirt gives the perfect finish.

An elegant polo T-shirt paired with a blazer is perfect for a business meeting or date.

There are many more types and ways to style T-shirts. 

But these were something very basic and something any one can afford and have them in their wardrobe. 

Things to know before your buy T-shirts

T-shirts are worn by almost every man and usually buy anything and whatever they feel good in. 

In any case, if you are someone who wishes to revamp your closet and dress well always, here are some tips.

First, know your body type and then shop t-shirts that fit and look good on you to emphasize your personality. This will require some research and experimentation.

Additionally, don't just follow any trend, ask yourself if it makes you feel comfortable, if you can give it a try, and if yes, does it match your style?

These are some things one should think before buying any type of clothes and not just T-shirts. 

Although t-shirts are very basic, and everything you wear should give you comfort before all else, t-shirts are no exception. 

Let us know which is the perfect outfit for men look you would like to go with from the above and which ones is your favourite one?